European building standards and regulations are closely related to international standards (all these standards are available together here )


The main technical standards used in construction are:

-standards for designing buildings that are necessary at the stage of project preparation, civil engineering;
-standards for construction, which include instructions for preparation and the actual construction of the works;
-standards for construction products, which lays down requirements for products and will apply in the two previous phases of construction activity. 

The technical requirements for products

Technical requirements for products derived from its intended use in construction and on what properties of the building may be influenced by the characteristics of the product. Single deriving technical requirements for construction defines the European Construction Products Directive CPD - Council Directive 89/106 / EEC on the approximation of laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States relating to construction products essential requirements for buildings:

1. Mechanical resistance and stability:

a) Foundations, design

b) Brickworks, design

c) Concrete constructions, design

d) Concrete and concrete constructions, testing

e) Metal constructions, design

f) Wooden constructions,  design

g) Engineering structures and units, design and testing

2. Fire safety of buildings;
3. Hygiene, health and the environment;
4. Safety in the maintenance and use of buildings;
5. Road equipment;
6. Energy economy and thermal protection + Protection against noise.


To zoom the meaning of Directive we can look at an example of a manufacturer who launches a thermal insulation product, intended to provide thermal protection of buildings and technical facilities (see essential requirement. 6).

Its intention to effect a declaration of such product properties that the role of the product could be in the process of designing a building filled. If a product is thermal insulation, designed for load-bearing structures, the same principle must be to fulfill a specific purpose, declared such mechanical properties of the product will be able to participate to ensure the mechanical stability of the structure (see the basic requirement no. 1 parts a-g).

While the Construction Products Directive sets out the basic requirements for construction works related to construction products, general technical requirements for construction works are in progress in the building regulations of the individual EU member states.


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